June, 2013
Jeri P.
Gardnerville, NV

After dealing with a basically dishonest mortgage company for several years, my husband and I have finally gotten things straightened out, but not without the help from some very wonderful people.

I must first thank Katie Pace from Sen. Dean Heller’s office. This is one special woman. She has helped from the get-go. She is humble, persistent and very knowledgeable. Sen. Heller must be commended for hiring such a terrific woman.
Secondly, when we reached a standstill, Katie suggested contacting the Home Again program that our attorney general has for Nevadans who mortgage issues.
I noticed in your paper just a few days later an announcement saying that a lawyer from the attorney general’s office would be in Gardnerville to help those who needed it.

I was shocked to be the only person in attendance.

I met a fabulous and brilliant woman, Sheryl Serreze who is the directing attorney for the Home Again program.

She was kind enough to listen to everything I told her, read the paperwork I had, and then told me she wanted to see my husband (who is deaf) and myself in her main offices in Reno, she was recommending the foreclosure unit take our case, free of charge.

We got an appointment and when we went, we were introduced to Deborah Soto, who would start working on our case immediately.

This wonderful woman encountered the same issues we did; no responses to the inquiries, being only able to talk to someone in India, and having to make appointments by phone and never getting any response.

One month later, and after much frustration, staff attorney Chad Pace (no relationship to Katie) Deborah, Katie, my husband and I met, and we decided that with all my paperwork, Chad would deal with them directly, being a lawyer and working for the state.

That might give some concern. It did.

Between all four of these wonderful people, this horrible mortgage company finally admitted they were wrong, and they reinstated our mortgage modification.
We also had assistance from our own local attorney, James Hales, a great guy who did an amazing job for us before we got to talk to the Home Again folks.
Anyone who has issues about their mortgage problems absolutely needs to contact the Home Again people that our attorney general has set up specifically to help Nevadans.

This is a great program, we are so happy we got to talk to them and for their help.