May, 2013
Lola O.
Las Vegas, NV

Being a lady of seventy years young, I have had many things in my life to give thanks for. But what Home Again has done for me is indeed something that I will always be thankful and very grateful for.

Let me share my story:

I have worked with my lender, Wells Fargo mortgage, for four years and have never been able to get my home modified. I have filled out hundreds of papers, but they always needed something more and I could never get it done as they wanted, and I was denied.

I received a call from a company that would help me, if I wrote them a check for $4,500. I called the Nevada Attorney General’s office to see if it was a scam and they said indeed it was. They referred me to the Home Again program. I called Home Again and was given an appointment the following week. Upon arriving, I was treated with such kindness and respect that I was in awe of the housing counselor’s professionalism. Carolyn McGill at Springboard congratulated me on the fine work I had done in getting my papers together and made me feel like she was honored to assist me, not that I was taking advantage of a handout.

After going over my papers, she kindly assured me that she could assist me and how I should go about each step in preparing my modification papers. She explained how a letter would be forthcoming from Springboard that I should attach to my letters and paper to Wells Fargo Mortgage. I did as I was told.

Thirty-four days later, I received a phone call that Wells Fargo Mortgage was reducing my mortgage payment. I could not believe it, and still today I walk from room to room in my home knowing that I will live here for the rest of my life because of what Home Again did for me!

All I can say is THANK YOU. You have given me my home and hope.